DACO Logistics – ACEX member in Vietnam celebrated 10th Anniversary

00President Raymond Tran made a decision about entering the Russian logistics alliance during Eurasia Cargo Meet where he met with the representatives of the Russian companies.

Today the company makes packaging, packing, shipping by air, sea and road.

Many years of experience in transportation and international freight, has helped them to master delivery, tracking the status of goods via Track & Trace system globally…

With powerful capacity of trailers, DACO can transport by road to various delivery points throughout the territory of Vietnam and especially in industrial zones and export processing zones. DACO Logistics has license to clear customs on behalf of the owner’s name, declaring and implementing of customs declaration, tax payment, delivery and transportation of imported goods.

All the company staff was invited to celebrate the Anniversary which became a great event.


Link: http://www.acexgroup.net/en/partners/news/1891/

DACO Logistics.