“The greatest joy in working is to see the growth of the Customer,

the growth of the company and maturity of the staffs”.

Mr. Trần Huy Hiền, President & General Director

About us

Founded in 2007, DACO Logistics was joined by many experts with long experience from many leading logistics companies in Vietnam.

Many years of experience in transportation and international freight, has helped us master delivery, tracking the status of goods via Track & Trace system globally, understanding warehousing, packaging, packing, shipping by air, sea and road, as well as shipping agents ... We can closely monitor the operation of the shipment and provide timely information to customers about the status of their cargoes.

With powerful capacity of trailers, we can meet the demand of logistics, transport by road to various delivery points throughout the territory of Vietnam and especially in industrial zones and export processing zones.


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Daco Logistics


Top 100 Typical Enterprises in Vietnam 2021

Excellent Brand - Typical leader of the integration period 2019

Top 20 Vietnam Logistics Provider 2015 (VLA)

Top 20 Vietnam Logistics Provider 2014 (VLA)

Top 10 companies attractive candidate in 2014

Vietnam Strong Brand in 2014

Credit of General department of Taxation 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


DACO Group has its own offices in almost all the economic centers of Vietnam such as: Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Hai Phong,  Da Nang, Binh Duong. This wide range of offices across the country allows us to receive and deliver cargoes anywhere in a timely manner as well as provide the best and identical service to our customers’ needs.

DACO Logistics has now established a commercial representative in the USA. Thanks to its wide selection of agents covering almost all the majors international seaport and airports, DACO Logistics is confident to be capable for transporting its cargoes worldwide Fast and Safe.

DACO Logistics has 120 agents in 40 countries over the world.

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