Flexitank is a bag made of Polyethylene or Polypropylene. Each bag can carry from 10.000 to 24.000 liters of liquid.

Which flexitank service do I need?

  1. RHINOBULK: The rhinobulk is our brand name for our popular single layer Flexitank. Commonly used for industrial, food and synthetic products.
  2. VINBULK: The Vinbulk is the brand name for our flexitank combining barrier technology that is commonly used for more sensitive products such as wine or commodities that may be affected by taint or oxygen migration during transit.
  3. HEATBULK: The heatbulk is the brand name for our heating system which is fited with the rhinobulk that bring the commodity to a viscous liquid state (The flexitank is typically loaded with products up to a viscosity of around 2,000cps at an approximate ambient temperature of 23 degree Celsius).
  4. STOREBULK: The storebulk is our brand name of the purpose of temporary storage as well as securing your product inside a container.

“Flexitank is examined under strict inspection for hygiene standard and technology, helping us to ensure quality and quantity of goods transported”.
Mr. Mr. Vòng Huy Cường (Kenny).

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Mr. Vòng Huy Cường (Kenny).
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