For break bulk cargo (stored under hatches) as cement, fertilizer, foodstuff… we are the professional solution provider of service supply chain from port to consumer’s doors. We can arrange packaging, weighing, counting, inspection, transportation, forwarding…

With specialized equipment, such as bag funnel, conveyor… we guarantee delivery shipment on schedule, freeing cargo from the ship fast to help our customers save costs.

Also we have many solutions to support customers during peak season when the ship has to wait a long time at port, incurring extra costs.

Mr-HCuong“With experience in managing the entire supply chain professionally, we ensure quality in transportation and minimizing losses during packing, loading and unloading”.
Mr. Ho Huy Cuong, Sales Logistics Director.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Ho Huy Cuong (Andy)

Email: cuong.ho@dacologistcs.com

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