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Mr. Tran Huy Hien,
President & CEO.

“The greatest joy in working is to see the growth of the Customer, the growth of the company and maturity of the staffs”.


Mr. Nguyen Hien Vu,
Deputy General Director

“We provide our customers with suitable airline schedules, depending on the type of product and shipping time required”.


Mr. Wong Huy Cuong,
Deputy General Director

“To ensure our schedule is on time, we monitor the complete delivery-circle from the container stuffing station upon delivery point to client’s hands”.


Mr. Ho Huy Cuong,
Logistics Sales Manager

"With experience in managing the entire supply chain professionally, we ensure quality in transportation and minimizing losses during packing, loading and unloading".


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  • Sea freight

  • Air freight

  • Customs

  • Flexitanks

  • Bulk cargo

  • Installation

  • Warehousing


 With a strong network of worldwide and close cooperation with many ports and large shipping companies, we are certified with the ability to provide seamless customer service for sea freight to many countries worldwide. We guarantee safety in import and export for your company so that you can concentrate on your own primary business.



We have established a department exclusively responsible for air freight in order to meet the demand from our customers. Having long-term relationship with many airlines and global dealers, we can help our customers select the appropriate airline, with best schedule, consultation and quote. We offer timely booking, ensure accurate and closely monitor the journey of shipments.




DACO Logistics is permitted to clear customs on behalf of the owner's name, declaring and implementing of customs declaration, tax payment, delivery and transportation of imported/exported goods. This delegation allows DACO logistics to help customers simplify the procedures of customs declaration for import and export.



Flexitank is a bag made of Polyethylene or Polypropylene. Each bag can carry from 10 000 to 24 000 liters of liquid. Flexitank is examined under strict inspection for hygiene standard and technology, helping us to ensure quality and quantity of goods transported.



For break bulk cargo (stored under hatches) as cement, fertilizer, foodstuff... we are the professional solution provider of service supply chain from port to consumer’s doors. We can arrange packaging, weighing, counting, inspection, transportation, forwarding...



DACO Logistics has experience in the installation of machinery and equipment after the transportation by fully-skilled engineers and workers. We have equipment available for handling, lifting and specialized equipment to meet the needs of the transport machinery for construction projects.



DACO Logistics system's warehouse is located in the industrial zone near the city center, making it convenient for storage and supply of material for production, as well as storage of finished products and distribution to other areas.


DACO Logistics



Founded in 2007, DACO Logistics is a young company in Vietnam logistics industry but it was joined by many experts with long experience from many leading logistics companies in Vietnam.

Many years of experience in transportation and international freight, has helped us master delivery, tracking the status of goods via Track & Trace system globally, understanding warehousing, packaging, packing, shipping by air, sea and road, as well as shipping agents ... We can closely monitor the operation of the shipment and provide timely information to customers about the status of their cargoes.

With powerful capacity of 20 tractors and 40 trailers, we can meet the demand of logistics, transport by road to various delivery points throughout the territory of Vietnam and especially in industrial zones and export processing zones.

DACO Logistics is permitted to clear customs on behalf of the owner's name, declaring and implementing of customs declaration, tax payment, delivery and transportation of imported goods.

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Become one of the leading companies in the logistics industry in Vietnam by providing to our customers a qualified logistics experience not rivaled elsewhere.


1. We adhere to the international standard of logistics services to provide our clients the same quality of services they expect globally.
2. Training and coaching staffs to obtain experience in international freight forwarding.
3. We provide economic activities to our community to help it develop and become a better place.


1. Providing international standard services.
2. By closely co-operate with ours customers, we put their benefits and interest above our own benefits.
3. Developing logistics solution to tailor each customer request.
4. Our staffs are experienced and well-trained.